Being Aware…

In my previous post I mentioned that many ingredients that were in your daily products are not only Not natural but can be harmful. They can build up over time and have some nasty effects. There has been plenty of media recently and awareness is the key.

Being aware is half the battle of making an informed decision to go Natural. I encourage you to read your labels for the toxins that are in products. Most of these are under great scrutiny and being studied widely as potentially harmful to your health.

When you decide to go with Natural care products the guesswork is taken out, or is it?

Allergies are something to consider and how a Natural product functions differently than others.

People who have certain allergies should take a bit of caution when using a new product, if you have allergies to say nuts, seeds or certain pollens/flowers read the label because that is where some of the ‘natural’ comes from.

If you have a respiratory/breathing problems please be careful when First using your new products, research shows that people have more negative reactions to artificial than to Natural but you should be cautions and Never try when you are having an exacerbation.

If you have been using your product for a while and are certain that you do not react negatively to it, then using it anytime Should be beneficial. Again be aware.

In Canada Essential oils are not sold for oral intake. You should be very cautious about remedies offered in this route. Often the good intentions are misguided and these crafters don’t understand the human body in enough detail and its interactions with other medications and the disease processes. Most importantly they really do not understand the negative implications it can have.

If you have any questions you should seek out help in your decision making process from someone with extensive education and practice. Its OK to ask for credentials!

How a product functions is another consideration. A prime example is bubbles, we have been brought up the belive that the more the bubbles the cleaner we are, not so true, bubbles are evidence of where you have been with the product and your cloth but they don’t the cleaning, the ingredients do and the action of cleaning does. The ingredient that promotes those big bubbles is a manufactured product and serves no other purpose. Having said that there are lots of bubbles to be had in Natural products, some oils when they are converted to soap create a nice lather. Some natural liquid soaps not so much, it is the essential oils that work their magic and they are fantastic. One answer to address the I love bubbles, is the foamer bottle it dispenses bubbles and the ingredients you want. Very nice!!

On another note Natural is Luxurious! Enjoying what the earth has to offer is the way it is supposed to be. At Indulge we are very aware of some natural products that are being stripped and becoming rare due to the way they have been cultivated, we avoid those products. At Indulge we strive to promote health, wellbeing and luxury of course but we do that by being considerate of our environment and the environment we get our supplies from. We promote fair trade and seek out high quality.

Next topic will incorporate any questions/concerns and talk about some specific ingredients..the good and the bad.

Hope you all have a great day.

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