Happy New Year!

Resolutions and Rewards.
Like many I like to review my life over the past year and assess what I achieved, what I could change and what to look forward to in the coming year.

2011 Proved to be very eventful and I have many to thank for that. As a Nurse my patients remind me daily why I chose this field of caring as my career. At my 2nd Nursing job at the Calgary Stampede, the people I meet from all over the world educate me in diversity. As an instructor at Soap and More the many “students” I had the pleasure of meeting taught me many things about life and business. At my home based little business Indulge. Naturally Luxurious Inc. I strive to create healthy, natural products to enhance the life experience using what nature provides.

This year 2011 I created some products for women and babies, also some environmentally safe cleaning supplies. I have tried different packaging and labeling. I have had great results and happy customers.
2012 what will it bring? well we cannot tell the future but I am hoping to evolve my business, create some pet friendly products.

I will become a Certified Aromatherapist. (because I will be done my program) I plan to enroll in a Master Herbalist program (maybe even finish it if I am lucky)this will enhance my knowledge and business.

I hope to update this blog more frequently so I can interact with the outside world more and learn even more.

Most of all I hope to make family and friends happy.

Happy New Year!

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