Value of Education

I recently met a woman who introduced herself as a “Master Herbalist”, intrigued (as I am currently studying) asking where she got her certificate and where she was registered and she told me that she had neither, but she did get her information from a local “college”.
I have run into this a couple of times and did my own research into the value of the education and registration process.
I am a Registered Nurse and I know how my profession values education and has no tolerance for imposters.
Professional bodies undergo accreditation processes that ensure that the information being provided is true and accurate not just one individuals experience.
Any individual or company that makes claims regarding a products action or healing ability has to undergo strict trials and testing and be approved.
This to some seems like too much control for an outside body but to most it is an assurance that health and safety have been considered, tested and proven. That is not to say it is perfect (nothing is).
Having said that if there is no accreditation, no testing, no documented proof that an individual or school has undergone scrupulous investigation and the information may or may not be accurate.The student may or may not be functioning/practicing with accurate knowledge.This is neither safe or acceptable to the general public.
I feel that this is why Aromatherapists and Herbologists (Master or otherwise) are not generally recognized in the medical field. Also the same goes for message therapists, unless you have completed the entire accredited program and fulfilled the required hours and have been registered, you can only open a business under an “Entertainment” business license.
I talk about this because I have seen too many examples of dangerous application of aromatherapy/herbology and it is because they do not know…what they do not know!
I have witnessed pure essential oils put into a baby’s mouth (must be diluted), strong essential oil lotion brought into a hospital room of a child who has reactive airways (there is a reason no scents are allowed in hospitals) the use of essential oils being sold as a remedy to be taken internally (this is not legal in this country) and without even a basic understanding of drug interactions. Not only is this irresponsible it is dangerous!
Since researching the value of Education, I have found several accredited schools for aromatherapy and herbology and a national registration for reputable individuals to register their practice and provide sound holistic health advice to clients.
I encourage you to seek out an educated, registered provider to ensure you are receiving sound advice and treatment.
Not someone who has cut corners to make a quick buck.
I will post a list of reputable providers in the near future and I encourage you to embrace a holistic lifestyle and rid yourself of the toxins that pollute your body and home.
Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Value of Education

  1. Looks like you’ve touched on a topic that definitely is filled with contradictions these days! It’s difficult, to say the least, to know what will or won’t work for any individual! There’s not a lot of regulations in place, I am also using more natural than not, in my life. I personally have trouble knowing what, if any, the government or pharmaceutical companies would ever consider safe being that its been all over the media that they do have control and illness is the biggest business in the world – so it makes sense from a business standpoint, that they wouldn’t want anything natural to be used – they don’t make money off that? So, how can we trust this? They’re the ones doing the “clinical” testing, aren’t they?

    Being that you are a medical nurse – what’s your take on this?

    As for your other comments, I’m personally not from North America and in our Country, we often use natural home remedies for our babies and for the sick, always have – I don’t believe these have ever been clinically tested or approved – it’s just what we’ve always done and it works! So, not to be judgemental on your words – but from what I’m reading here, sounds like you don’t agree with this practice either? Mother’s don’t receive a degree before raising a child, but we do rely on our instincts – not always right, but most of the time we are 🙂

    I guess it took a lot of years for the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies to take away our beliefs and practices in natural – so it makes sense that it will take some time to bring these back!

    • Thanks for your comments, you are so right. Most of the natural remedies that have been passed down from generations are truly tried and true. I did bring up the topic of education because there are folks that have not had the experience or the training but pass themselves off as certified or masters of…
      People unknowing trust that what they are saying or providing is true. I expect that a Doctor has been to an accredited university and passed all the appropriate exams etc… and is able to competently treat a patient/client.
      I have recently met a couple of people that have taken a week-end or a 6 week (12 hour) even a quick on-line course then represent themselves as professionals.
      We can learn much from parents and grandparents and while there is no degree before raising a child (there should be for some) we really do rely on instincts but we also should rely on educated information if we are seeking out advice.

      It did take the pharmaceutical companies time to convince the public that manufactured was better than natural, the FDA also sets guidelines for safety (don’t laugh too hard) there are no guidelines for the use of natural ingredients and some essential oils are seriously toxic and deadly if used incorrectly.

      I have noted during my research and learning that the medical field is starting (albeit slowly) to recognize holistic therapy, I have seen some small and usually Nurse or Doctor lead studies with music and touch and some anecdotal notes from patients regarding environment stimuli or lack thereof during hospital stays that are opening up venues for a more holistic approach to treatment.

      As a nurse I recognize the need for both but would not even pretend to know all the benefits and pitfalls of natural medicine with out being appropriately educated first. I also recognize the need to get back to natural as much as we can and so I strive to educate myself so I can educate and treat others with confidence and skill.

      I hope I don`t sound too corny or too much like a dreamer but my nature is to help and so I am striving to do so.

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